Couples Therapy

Many couples get stuck in negative and hurtful cycles. These cycles begin with unsaid feelings of fear, hurt and/or disappointment. They lead to feelings of hopelessness and disconnection in both partners.

This cycle repeats itself over and over again and becomes so prevalent that it begins to define the relationship. It is all both partners can see. At this point, the couple cannot communicate anymore, they can only react to one another.

Each partner feels frustrated (or angry), hurt, and sad to see that their relationship has become so difficult and that it requires so much effort. Both have tried to change the cycle by trying to modify their behaviors or to have conversations about it. It might have worked for a little while, but soon they find themselves slipping back to the old negative cycle. This time, though, both are much more sensitive and hurt, so the reaction is more intense. This relapse then leads to feeling stuck, hopeless, and more frustrated.

I help my clients change this cycle and reconnect with one another by creating a safe relationship where unsaid feelings can be expressed. I help them start communicating again but this time at a different level, a deeper level. I see these changes in my new office in Austin TX everyday. Your relationship can change too!

In order to help create safety between partners, therapy needs to be a safe experience. My office and their relationship with me becomes a safe place to explore and connect in a different and deeper way.
I am always available for my clients outside the therapy session.
I am here to answer any questions and help if any crisis arises.
If a client needs to meet with me urgently, I will find a way to squeeze them in as soon as possible. I make sure that I am with my clients throughout their journey of change.

When you are ready to start your journey towards healing, growth,

and connection, please contact me to set up an appointment.


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